80's Marketing Strategies

In the new century

Oh, the glorious 80’s. How many good memories of those beautiful colorful fashion days, big hair and video recorders?… The golden age of the little boy.

Fortunately today things in the world of marketing have completely changed and have become easier for everyone (although music and hairstyles are not necessarily better).

For all those of us who live our childhood watching cartoons on Saturday mornings and for those who only know of the time thanks to Stranger Things, today we bring them a little nostalgia and we went over some marketing techniques that used business in the 1980s, and what their counterparts are in the digital marketing of the new century.

Before – Yellow Pages / Now – local SEO

During the 80’s and ’90s, the Yellow Pages used to be the reference book when you were looking for a local business or the fast phone number for pizza delivery. Although many still receive this door or window alternative at home, when it comes to business information, people turn to search engines. Yellow pages have been replaced by online directories, websites, and even yellow pages online, which is now just one of the thousands of directories where companies can list their information.

As a company, your name no longer needs to start with the letter A, or you have to pay for an ad larger than your neighbor. SEO is the key, even if you need a long journey of content creation, website optimization, dating creation and backlinks, and above all: Patience.

People no longer need to spend several minutes searching for a category where they can find all the companies in alphabetical order. Now finding the service you are looking for is easier and you just need to type the information and the search engines will take care of showing the results that best suit the results you want.

Before – Network groups / Now – LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

Networking in person will always be more powerful and effective than your online counterpart, but having virtual groups like LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Groups allows you to not only connect with your business partners but also with your customers. Now he has more ways to be seen as an authority in his space. Contributing to the right groups can help build trust and make you the reference person for your niche. Try! Find a group that you think could not only benefit but could also add value.

Before – TV Commercials / Now: YouTube and Facebook

Yes, we are clear that TV commercials still exist, but the playing field has become much more accessible for companies with smaller budgets.

Unlike the 80’s you don’t need to spend millions on a commercial on Sunday nights, and nowadays anyone can take their message to a highly targeted audience with a video on Facebook or YouTube. Even if we may not have generational icons like McTonigh in 30 years, the videos don’t even have to be high-budget. Many successful campaigns can be run with a simple video taken from a phone. Thanks to payment campaigns, business owners can now be very specific with their messages and reduce advertising spend by targeting the right audience.

80's marketing strategies
Before – Direct Mail / Now – Email Marketing

Maybe it has an eye-catching design or a simple postcard about selling something we were looking for, direct mail still working, however: It’s expensive. Not only do we need to get a specific list (which is expensive!) But we also need to expertly craft the message and find the right means to mail (Do we mention what is expensive?). Oh, and unless you want to do it by hand, we have to take into account the costs of printing, stamping, packaging, and distribution

Today we can save many trees and money thanks to email. Email marketing can be incredibly successful and cost-effective if used correctly. You can still buy specific lists or you can increase your email list by offering something of value in return. Email marketing can be powerful, not only to get new sales but also to nurture older leads and maintain a relationship with your current customers.

Before – Newspapers / Now – Paid Advertising

Like TV commercials, we are clear that newspaper advertising comes next to morning coffee. Although some born in the ’80s and ’90s prefer to read the latest news through our tablet or phone, there is a large audience that does not live without their newspaper, which is taken advantage of by many companies. However, the possibilities for the little ones are more accessible today,

With Google AdsFacebook Ads, or even through the right email list, you can make sure your message is seen by your perfect customer at the right time and place. Thanks to an optimal strategy, companies can reduce advertising investment and increase ROI.

Remember other advertising strategies used in the 1980s? Leave us a comment and tell us about your memories.

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