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Infinet Sports partnered with the CCDRE  to deliver Social Media Management, Graphic Design, and Vídeo Production Services.


Comite Cantonal de Deportes de Escazú is one of the leading sports organizations in Costa Rica, which wanted to ensure that they are best placed to grow to reach and engage potential and current audiences.

Infinet Sports were briefed to conduct a business growth audit and management across all of CCDRE’s social accounts in order to ensure their content and investment into social platforms were working effectively and efficiently.

Infinet Sports provided a full social media service, which included developing the strategy graphic design, content scheduling, creative artwork, video editing, and an always-on performance marketing strategy.


Infinet Sports collaborated with Comite Cantonal de Deportes de Escazú (CCDRE), one of Costa Rica’s leading sports organizations, to optimize its social media presence and engage with both current and potential audiences. The results of our partnership were instrumental in driving growth and ensuring the effective utilization of social platforms for CCDRE.

Business Growth Audit and Management.

Infinet Sports conducted a comprehensive business growth audit across all CCDRE social accounts. By analyzing their content and investment, we identified areas for improvement and implemented strategic measures to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.

Pivoting During the Pandemic.

During the challenging year of 2020, CCDRE had to adapt and find new ways to provide sports programs to communities. Infinet Sports played a crucial role in activating CCDRE’s live programs through various social media channels. We delivered engaging live and pre-recorded sessions of their group activities, enabling CCDRE to connect with their audience and maintain their presence during the pandemic.

Full Social Media Service.

Infinet Sports provided CCDRE with a comprehensive social media service. This included developing a strategic graphic design and content schedule, creating visually appealing artwork and videos, and implementing an always-on performance marketing strategy. Our efforts ensured CCDRE’s social media channels were consistently engaging and effectively reaching their target audience.

The collaboration between Infinet Sports and CCDRE resulted in improved social media performance, increased audience engagement, and enhanced brand visibility. Our tailored approach and comprehensive service contributed to CCDRE’s ability to adapt during challenging times and effectively connect with its community through various digital channels.


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