Infinet Sports partnered with GOAT E-SPORTS  to deliver Graphic Design, Sponsorship Activation, and Brand Development Services


Infinet Sports had the privilege of collaborating with GOAT Riders, a professional E-Sports team, as their trusted digital marketing agency. Our scope of work encompassed various aspects of their marketing strategy, including branding, sponsorships, graphic and web design, audience growth, and social media management.

Together, Infinet Sports and GOAT Riders achieved a successful brand refresh and positioned the team for greater recognition, increased sponsorship opportunities, and enhanced fan engagement. Our collaborative efforts have contributed to GOAT Riders’ continued success as a leading force in the E-Sports arena.


Brand Refresh and Visual Makeover

The updated GOAT Riders logo and brand identity showcased a modern and fan-focused approach, resonating with the team’s target audience. The visually appealing color palette and branding materials reflected the team’s refreshed messaging, enhancing brand recognition and attracting increased attention.

Attractive Jersey Design and Sponsorship Opportunities:

The GOAT Official Jersey, designed by Infinet Sports, showcased a modern e-sports aesthetic and captivating designs that attracted new sponsors and commercial partners. The eye-catching jersey played a crucial role in establishing the team’s visual appeal and generating sponsorship opportunities, contributing to their financial growth.

Enhanced Audience Engagement and Growth:

Infinet Sports implemented effective social media management strategies, resulting in increased audience engagement across various channels. The team’s social media presence grew, attracting a larger fan base and fostering stronger connections with existing and potential supporters.

Improved Brand Recognition and Fan Loyalty:

The brand refresh and visual makeover efforts contributed to increased brand recognition for GOAT Riders within the competitive E-Sports industry. The fan-focused messaging and appealing visuals fostered a sense of loyalty among the existing fan base and attracted new supporters to the team.



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