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Through Social Media

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As social media is now part of our daily lives, it is no wonder that the sphere of sports is also represented online. Many sports brands, teams, and individuals are building their reputations and public relations with the help of social profiles too. Through it, many new fitness and sport talents appeared. Platforms like Instagram have revealed that people want not only to be entertained but to be educated and take care of their health and physical form.

And for any sports enthusiast, this is a good chance to gain influence and profit from social media, while helping others to reach their goals. If you are one of them, reading this article will help you to understand, how to keep up the engagement level on your social media profiles.

“Some people believe that the popularity on social media can be easily purchased. This statement is quite wrong, twisted in some way”

Fans Engaged
Engagement Rates

This is one of the most important metrics that indicate the success of your networks. Engagement is showing, how interesting is your page to users. When they appreciate your work highly – they pay back with their activity and involvement. Keeping your audience interested is your primary task, and if you accomplish it, the results will come fast and astonishingly.

Some people believe that the popularity on social media can be easily purchased. This statement is quite wrong, twisted in some way. For example, to boost the progress of your Instagram fitness page you go and have cheap followers. The numbers written on your page are big, yet nothing changes and your page is slowly dying out.

Why? Because simply buying stats is not enough – your audience has to interact with your content, otherwise, the algorithms will not consider your profile as something worthy to show.

Right time and frequency

Unlike many other industries, where entrepreneurs have to adjust their posting time according to the average activity time of their target group, in sports and fitness you can set the posting time by yourself. In this industry, people are literally following your routine, so you can schedule your posting according to the actual rhythm of your life. But it is vital to keep the consistency. You must upload your posts, especially the ones that are related to your routine, regularly and preferably at the same time.

Having a plan will be working in your favor, as users will be waiting for your posts, and check them out as soon as possible.

Be Useful

Sport-related pages have to be somewhat educating. In general, people are subscribing to pages when they decide to change their lifestyle, be informed or they want to see something that really helps them. So if you want to gain new followers and retain the older ones, put some effort into educating yourself, because there is no way you can give any advice if you are not confident that the information you share is true and not harmful.

Remember that people will trust you and follow your lead, so their actions are your responsibility too. Besides, being fluent in the matter of human physiology and anatomy, you will widen your target group and look more professional, thus attracting new followers.


Social media is all about conversations and exchanging thoughts. And to reach success you must be open to communication with your followers. Sports is an industry that requires open conversation at the most because any sportsman or fitness trainer has to be a leader, and people should feel free to ask their questions.

  • Keep your manners friendly and polite.
  • Demonstrate your support and appreciation for people who follow your recommendations.
  • Encourage users to ask questions
  • Ask questions yourself
  • Dilute your profile with topics that are not related to sports as well.
  • Be sincere with your followers. It doesn’t mean revealing every last detail of your life – only you can decide, what things have to remain private. But what you let people into, has to be true.
Fans Engaged
Go Live

Nowadays many platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram offer their users options that provide the possibility to do Live Streams. For you, this is a perfect opportunity to engage with your audience. This activity will be useful as it improves the connection between you and your viewers, and also it can be proof of your competence in the sphere that you occupy.

You can use Live Stream for having some quality time with your loyal fans and to encourage newcomers to follow your lead.

Be A Personality Worth Following

One of the vital qualities that any personality, sports team or organization must have is being an interesting and authentic persona. The social influencer has to engage people with the very way he or she lives. People seek role models and inspiration online, and you can become one too.

Being someone you are not is hard to maintain and it is easily discovered by viewers. In the end, people will feel like you are lying to them and unsubscribe at least.

Becoming someone who will attract people while just acting, as usual, will require lots of work. But as a result, you will achieve a genuine, active, and self-engaging audience. Remember to stay true to your principles and opinions. Changing them too often and too fast will decrease the level of trust in your blog.

Create High-Quality Content

Of course, no social media, whatever niche it is in, will be fruitful without great content. This industry is tough, and the competition never sleeps, so having fine visuals and well-written trustworthy information is a must.

  • Keep your working zone clean. The messy interior is killing the professionalism.
  • Get better gear. Modern users prefer having a good look on their screens.
  • Control your manners and speech. If you want to become a top influencer – be a good role model.
  • Check the information you receive, before posting it. Twice is better.
  • Follow the latest trends in your industry and use them when it fits good.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors.
  • Use your imagination and try to create something really outstanding at all times.

Social media are a vital part of marketing strategy in any industry. Sports and fitness is one of the most popular categories to embrace online, and modern users are picky. So the hook that can bring you good results and many followers is the engagement rate. Your initiative and willingness to communicate will help you to get a bigger audience and retain them.

The competition is high because nowadays many people can reveal their sports talents through social media. To have good results, make sure you have something fresh and unique to offer to your subscribers

Fans Engaged

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