How to Use Instagram as a Tool for Sports Marketing

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In today’s digital landscape, scrolling through social media is one of, if not the most popular activity for holders of smartphone and desktop devices, but especially so for mobile users. In fact, just in the U.S. alone, over 80% of the current population has a profile on at least one social network.

This number represents how accessible target audiences have become in the modern day. Especially for sports marketers whose jobs require them to constantly engage with fans, attract sponsors, and raise awareness for athletes and their franchises, knowing how to use these platforms efficiently can be hugely beneficial.

Below we will take a look at how the world of professional sports and athletes, can grow their market value and followership with a social media approach that truly converts.


“The most important thing is to focus on sharing information that is truly relevant to readers and their fandom”

Instagram Sports Marketing
Focus on Visually Pleasing Images

One of the main reasons why Instagram has steadily thrived since its creation is the fact that its business model is centered around the simple posting and sharing of visually pleasing photo content.

Just think about it – the way that the platform was designed perfectly for mobile and made it so straightforward for users to like, comment, post, re-post, edit, and spread images was a huge reason for its explosive success.

Although Facebook and Twitter fans also share photos, Instagram has capitalized on largely visual interaction and engagement. With help of professionals, you can focus on publishing high-quality, attractive shots that immediately capture the attention of anyone visiting your page.

Publish Relevant Content

After you have curated a great selection of images, next comes written content, or in the case of Instagram, well-thought-out captions. Fans are interested in everything from breaking news to team trades, player statistics, and betting odds.

The most important thing is to focus on sharing information that is truly relevant to readers and their fandom.

Additionally, to make this content and any other written words on Instagram soar to new heights, the use of hashtags is an invaluable ingredient. For some leagues like the NBA that already have a great Instagram presence, these keywords may not be necessary, but for smaller sports markets looking to get ahead, they are a useful way to gain more followers in a short amount of time.

Team up with Professional Athletes

Top sports brands from around the world have been capturing the attention of fans through the use of professional athletes for quite some time now. For instance, Michael Phelps’ Olympic ad partnership with Under Armour entitled “Rule Yourself” has consistently been named one of the best and most influential sports marketing campaigns of all time.

Nowadays, huge playmakers like Lebron James and Tom Brady have teamed up with various sports brands, growing their individual brand and that of their sponsors in the process. Oftentimes, these ads will also provide promo codes, discounts, or deals as a call-to-action for scrolling users. What better way to attract more followers to your page than using famous celeb athletes as an enticing selling point?

Pay Attention to the Trends of the Moment

Last but not least, paying attention to the current trends in the business of sports is crucial to having a great digital presence on Instagram and any other social network. Just a few of these include knowledge surrounding the Esports industry, virtual reality sports viewing, and of course, sports streaming networks like Twitch that enable fans to watch their teams play in real-time 24/7.

While it is not necessary that you are an expert in each of these trending topics, you can always ask for professional help that will help you to stay informed about the current technologies, platforms, and businesses that have the potential to change the overall market.

Instagram Sports Marketing

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