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Leonel Moreira


Infinet Sports partnered with LEONEL MOREIRA  Brand Development Design, Social Media Management, Photography Services, and Sponsorship Activation.


We had the privilege of collaborating with Leonel Moreira, a highly acclaimed soccer player, to provide a comprehensive range of services to enhance his personal brand and expand his reach. 

Through our collaborative efforts, we aimed to enhance Leonel Moreira’s personal brand, increase his visibility, and create lasting connections with his fans and sponsors. Our comprehensive approach, combining brand development, design, social media management, photography services, and sponsorship activation, contributed to his continued success on and off the field.



Here’s an overview of the work we undertook:

Brand Development:

We conducted an in-depth analysis of Leonel’s brand identity and developed a strategic roadmap to elevate his personal brand in the sports industry. Through careful positioning and messaging, we crafted a unique brand story that showcased Leonel’s achievements, skills, and dedication to the game.


Our design team created a visually stunning and cohesive brand identity for Leonel, including a distinctive logo, personalized merchandise, and visually appealing marketing collateral. We ensured that the design elements aligned with Leonel’s brand values and resonated with his target audience, portraying him as a dynamic and influential soccer player.

Social Media Management:

We implemented a comprehensive social media strategy to maximize Leonel’s online presence and engagement with his fans. Our team curated compelling content, managed social media accounts, and implemented targeted campaigns to enhance Leonel’s visibility and grow his fan base.

Photography Services: 

Our talented photographers captured captivating shots of Leonel in action, both on and off the field, showcasing his exceptional skills and charismatic personality. The high-quality photographs were utilized for promotional purposes, media coverage, and brand-building activities.

Sponsorship Activation:

Leveraging Leonel’s achievements and reputation, we identified strategic sponsorship opportunities that aligned with his brand image. Through effective sponsorship activation, we forged meaningful partnerships with brands that resonated with Leonel’s values, expanding his reach and enhancing his credibility.



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