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It can be said that mobile marketing is one of the most important elements of a mobile application or a successful marketing approach. Done correctly, it can become the preferred method of communication for most consumers.

But if a brand delivers an incorrect message, it runs the risk of losing it in the sea of applications found on most smartphones.

“Many companies have allocated resources to ensure that mobile experiences involve users. In general, that effort is paying off”

So, what is the best approach to mobile marketing?

The answer varies from merchant to merchant, but the ultimate goal must be the same: Send consumers relevant messages that drive specific actions.

A new report from Salesforce and Publicis.Sapient shows that marketers lack opportunities to interact with customers who are taking out their phones while shopping in the store

The report found that most buyers (71 percent) use a mobile device in the store to conduct at least one educational or research activity. A number that is 15% higher than in 2017. At the same time, the research showed that buyers who have responded to promotions or personalized offers in the past are overwhelmingly eager (84 percent) to receive such offers in the future. This creates a potentially receptive audience in the store with phones in hand.

Many companies have allocated resources to ensure that mobile experiences involve users. In general, that effort is paying off: Consumers are still more likely to complete a purchase on a computer, but smartphone conversion rates are increasing.

But what can your brand do to further increase mobile participation?

After all, a smooth customer experience on all devices is key to encouraging purchases.

Some data to take into account are:

Messaging: 79% of users trust the information provided to make a decision on their purchases.

Marketing in App: Users spend 80% of their time interacting with mobile applications.

Push Notifications: Instant notifications help drive users 9.6x more times to make purchases.

QR Codes: An easy way to keep in touch with your customers through their mobile devices.

Is your business executing a correct mobile marketing strategy? If the answer is not affirmative, remember that at Infinet we are ready to help you.

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