Upgrading our game

After 5 years providing digital marketing and web design services to customers all around the world, in late 2019 we started a project that will result in a big change rebranding our agency. 

It was a slow but meaningful process and after several months of planning and changes, we are excited to announce the rebrand of our business as Infinet Sports. This change reflects the substantial time and resources we have dedicated to fine-tuning our operating model.

Infinet Sports will be the first Costa Rican agency that will solely focus on Sports Marketing, providing accurate, fast, and effective services to sports professionals, athletes, teams, organizations, federations, and brands.

The name change is accompanied by branding features like a new logo that keeps the essence and colors of the Infinet logo while modernizing it with a new style. 

Additionally, during the past months, we have made a variety of visual updates to the organization’s social profiles and web page, which helped us to attract new customers and sports-fan followers.

About Infinet Sports

Based in San José, Costa Rica, Infinet Media focuses on delivering superior and highly creative digital marketing experiences. Since 2015, the company has worked with customers in Costa Rica, United States, South America, Asia and Europe, delivering services that range from graphic designs and logos up to complex web pages and full marketing campaigns.rebra

Infinet Sports

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