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Running is a trend in these pandemic times, and as sports lovers, we would love to encourage outdoor sports, so we will give you some recommendations so that will encourage you to move.

Before the pandemic, physical activity has always been recommended, but taking into consideration the stress conditions that have been generated with this “new normal”, it is even more important to play sports and enjoy its benefits for both physical and mental health.

A large number of studies have confirmed that a sedentary life is a cause of multiple diseases and people who maintain a more active life, especially in adulthood and old age, have a lower risk of suffering from chronic diseases or premature death.

“Physical activity, regardless of the sport you like to do, brings numerous benefits such as better mental health, lower risk of disease, some of them considered risk factors with COVID-19 such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity “.

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Physical activity, regardless of the sport that you like to do, brings numerous benefits such as enjoying better mental health and, as I mentioned before, lower risk of suffering from diseases, some of them considered risk factors with COVID-19 such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Exercising helps you have better cardiovascular health, healthy blood lipids, and helps control blood pressure.

Regarding the benefits for our mental health, playing sports helps us to have a better psychological balance, something essential in these times of pandemic, we will have much more energy, feelings of satisfaction by releasing hormones that make us feel good, reduce stress and help to reduce levels of anxiety and depression.


– Slow and steady: Start with a low intensity and then move to a moderate one and as you get better condition, increase the distances.

– Appropriate clothing and footwear: Wear suitable clothing for physical activity that is comfortable for you and preferably use running shoes and if you don’t have it, look for your most comfortable tennis shoes.

– Respect the safety protocols: I went out for a run, but with all the measures that the Ministry of Health has indicated to us, correct hand washing before and after leaving, do not touch your face, keep your distance and when you have people nearby use a mask.

– Avoid the busiest times and places: Try to run outdoors and in areas where you can maintain the correct distance, find out about the best time to do it according to your daily routine.

The importance of active breaks

The pandemic has forced many of us to spend more hours in front of a computer to study, work and even to socialize with friends and family. Given this current situation, it is of great importance to take active breaks from time to time to avoid health complications. It will help us reduce the risk of ailments and diseases, these short breaks help reduce stress and increase concentration. They also release joint and muscle pressure and help improve self-esteem and interpersonal relationships.

It is enough to get up from the desk and walk for a few minutes. The ideal is to do it in a different environment where fresh air runs, as an alternative if you cannot go out for a run, here I share some stretching and breathing exercises:

– Shrug the shoulders towards the ears and hold them for 10 seconds.
– Circular hip movements.
– Turn the head slowly to the right until the chin is almost in the same direction as the shoulder. Do the same to the left side.
– Perform circular ankle movements to both sides with each foot.
– Tilt the head slowly back and forth until the chin touches the neck.
– Stretch your arms up and to the sides.
– Tilt the head towards the right shoulder and shrug the shoulders towards the ears. Do the same to the left side.

We hope that this information motivates you to move and enjoy better physical and mental health, a hug

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