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5 main trends for 2022

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With just a few weeks until the end of the year, companies are already setting their sights on plans for 2022, and sports marketing is not the exception.

Thus far, 2021 has been a crazy year for brands: supply chain issues, remote work, and low consumer trust have made it a challenge to grow a business. Leveraging what you’ve learned so far about marketing your company during a pandemic can help you go into 2022 with a solid marketing strategy

Looking ahead to 2022, here are some of the main trends in sports marketing that will mark both the following year and those to come.

“Data reveal that almost 80 percent of the world population follows sports in any of its disciplines.”

2022 Sports Marketing
1- Growth of Sportainment

Sport has become an entertainment space in recent years and it has done so with the purpose of competing with other types of content, such as television series, music and cinema.

Last year, with lockdowns around the world, some industries turned into streaming to survive, such as the music that presented several concerts in that format or some films that were inclined towards digital platforms for their premiere.

That is why the focus of many organizations in 2022 will turn around the concept of “sportainment” (sports entertainment), which will allow us to reach both the most staunch fans and those who will follow by “fashion.”

2- From engagement to monetization

Data reveal that almost 80 percent of the world population follows sports in any of its disciplines.

With this comes the challenge of monetizing that fan engagement through offering the best stadium experiences or even finding creative ideas for those who consume sports from the comfort of their home.

3- Access to sports content

As we already mentioned, the way of presenting content is changing enormously thanks to the arrival of different digital and streaming platforms.

With the emergence years ago of streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and more recently Twitch, it was clear that these would open a new panorama in terms of how to present products and if we add the acceleration of the process caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, currently we live under new habits of all kinds, mainly consumption of television series, movies, live events, etc.

Some platforms such as HBO Max and Star Plus have gained subscribers thanks to the fact that, among their content, important tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League, Ligue 1 in France, and Serie A in Italy were added, however, sites like Twitch have set an important guideline when they broadcasted Lionel Messi ‘s debut as a new PSG France player and the recent Copa América, allowing them to get millions of users who followed the live broadcasts.

4 – Sponsorships with social content

After the arrival of Covid-19, some specialists assure that sponsorships with social content will be a trend in the coming years since it will be closely linked to the reputation of the brand. It is not something new, because for years this type of strategy has increasingly reached the marketing of brands as a way of representing empathy with consumers.

5 – Collaboration with athletes

As we told you in our previous article, there are more and more companies or brands that include the collaboration of influencers in their marketing strategies. Thousands of brands are betting on this type of strategy since it is a fast, simple, and inexpensive way to show their products or services and reach a large number of users.

The idea for 2022 is to take advantage of the power of social networks to connect, in real-time, with those millions of users who are linked to the screen of their devices every day.

If your company does not yet have a marketing plan for 2022, it is time to contact us and we will help you with everything you need to make your strategy successful.

2022 Sports Marketing

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