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Sports sponsorship is an essential element in the construction of branding for many companies and one of the most profitable advertising investments due to its broad social impact and a very high ROI.

Companies with little experience in these issues tend to focus on the negotiation phase thinking that the benefits will come by themselves, but this is a mistake, and if a sponsored person (a sports club, a federation, or an athlete) is able to offer a project of differential activation that will enhance the profitability of the investment.

It is clear that the volume of investment in the activation must be planned from the beginning with clear criteria and always aligned with our objectives. It is clear that it is not the same to have visibility or brand building objectives for a company as to be focused on the conversion to sales of a specific product.

It is important to refer not only to large multinationals or large sports clubs with huge amounts to invest in expensive activation campaigns, but this strategic vision must reach the minority sports and the lower echelons of professional sports each time.

Therefore, within the sponsorship strategy, the budget for activation actions must be established in order to also define them clearly and setting priorities to maximize the impact on the target audience

“The sponsorship activation plan must be collected clearly and with a clear strategic vision and this means that the more personalized it is, the more successful it will be in meeting its objectives.”


Any company that focuses on sports sponsorship must know how to transfer its message and its brand to that territory of the field of sport and know-how to touch the emotional springs to access the most optimal audience for its objectives, whether they are brand recognition, the capture of leads or sales. 

The sponsorship activation plan must be collected clearly and with a clear strategic vision and this means that the more personalized it is, the more successful it will be in meeting its objectives.

At Infinet Sports we focus a sponsorship activation plan on three fundamental axes:

Content Creation

Adapted content to convey the message that the sponsoring company wants to implement, with content that is relevant to our target. This type of content should not be intrusive and it should be to establish a conversation with the interested public. The content ranges from texts, photos, videos, infographics, etc .

We have to make an effort to generate material that offers added value to our followers with relevant information about our sector if we are a sports product, about our event if we are organizers, or our training if we are an athlete.


We should create experiences within that emotional factor that sports projects help us to create. Spaces where the sponsor’s brand facilitates access to the fan inside sporting events, presentations, or mentoring actions with athletes.

Multiple actions such as making presentations at the headquarters of the sponsoring company create a good bond with the public in terms of being a reference or vice versa, having a promotional space at an event or sports facility reinforces our branding as a company.

The prominent presence in social networks

This is another axis where we can work multiple and simple activation actions that will provide us with a high return on advertising investment.

Without a doubt, innovation to a large extent in the sports sector comes hand in hand with social media, and the projection of sports sponsorship is included in this evolution, not knowing how to take advantage of this medium would mean losing many opportunities to make the sponsorship profitable. 

The presence in social networks is almost already an increasingly valued factor and that companies demand more and more. That is why sports clubs, federations, or athletes must build digital ecosystems that allow them to offer attractive social media platforms for potential sponsoring companies.


Once all these actions have been activated, it is important to know the results obtained in order to assess our relationship with the sponsored person and their constant monitoring is essential.

And that is the advantage of digital marketing if we make use of analytics to establish which metrics we want to weigh; the number of visits to our website and which articles are the most read, the number of openings of our emails or of participants in a draw on Instagram, etc.

If you are interested to learn more about sports sponsorship, just get in touch and at Infinet Sports we will help you to get the best results.

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