The essentials on a web page

Speed, attractive design and content quality are just some of the most relevant aspects when our clients request a new web page

It is well known that the web pages are a showcase, the clerk and the cashier of any current businesses. Every detail of a website generates an image in our client, welcomes you, drives you to purchase or … invites em’ to leave.

Greater usability and agility are premises for any web page. But it is also important to value the hosting, the templates, the visual constructor, the search engine positioning, as well as the strategies to influence the consumption habits of our public. In short, there are many fronts that must be addressed so that the website of our business meets its objectives.

A web page is not a decision that is taken lightly, and that is why at Infinet Media, we want to give you some important points that you should keep in mind when designing your new website.

– Usability

Your business website must adapt to any device from where it is accessed. The limitations of obsolete designs are very expensive for any business and nothing is more frustrating for a user than entering a website where they cannot view part of the content or operate certain links because they are not compatible with their mobile or tablet.

– Search Engine Optimization

Currently, not appear among the first Google search results It is equivalent to not existing. The web design of a site must include the incorporation of tools that make it, not only visible, but also search engine friendly, especially for Google.

Keep in mind that these search engines change their algorithms and preferences permanently, so this is a job that requires constant maintenance, but the results are worthwhile

 – Security

Especially for those websites that incorporate the purchase and payment of products, guaranteeing and making visible our security protocols is an urgent task.

Nowadays nobody buys on a site that doesn’t seem safe. Therefore, a good web design must transparently display the protocols used, payment platforms, etc. Clear and transparent information equals calm clients.

– Speed

Today, nothing overwhelms a user more than a “heavy” page that takes forever to load. In a matter of seconds you can miss valuable opportunities for having an obsolete web design, slow and loaded with information, which far from capturing the attention of a client, bores you by the slowness with which it is transmitted.

– Content Quality

A cutting-edge web design understands that content is as important as form. Each word adds or subtracts and the writing of messages is not only the job of a copywriter but also of the designer who shapes it and transmits it visually to the users.

Recall that the form and content are, in this case, all the resources we have to capture or drive away a potential client and therefore, must be in the hands of professionals.

– Intuitive Design

Current web marketing trends indicate that 80% of an effective purchase process depends on an intuitive design.

The fact of having a beautiful and attractive website does not guarantee the purchase. Effective web design goes further, reaching the intuition that guides users to the shopping cart. The organization and categorization of the elements is key. It must be a simple and intuitive design that not only does not mislead, but accompanies users from the landing page to payment.

In summary, although we know in detail the most current postulates of digital marketing, it is essential to have an expert who is responsible for getting a good design for the web, always taking into account the needs of our business.

If you need help or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach us out and we will gladly will will help you out

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