Yoga much more than a sport

Physical and mental benefits of practicing yoga

Yoga is a practice that connects the body, the breath, and the mind. This practice uses physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall health. Yoga was developed as a spiritual practice thousands of years ago and today it is an excellent option as an exercise and for many a lifestyle.

The practice of yoga helps us connect with our interior and can improve the general level of our physical and mental state, we will obtain some benefits such as improving our posture and flexibility, it can also reduce blood pressure and heart rate, it can help us to relaxing, improving self-confidence, reducing stress, improving coordination, concentration, helping us sleep better, aids digestion, and practicing yoga can also help us with anxiety, back pain, and depression.

“Yoga achieves the integration of movement with the breath until these cease to be two separate entities and become one.”

It is important to clarify that mental illnesses should only be treated by a professional in psychology, however practice can help us improve our mental state, find calm and better understand our emotions, mainly in this new reality where the pandemic has shown us the importance of mental health, it is a great way to go inward through movement

Psychology and yoga

Yoga is made up of postures (asanas), relaxation (savasana), meditation (dhyana), breathing (pranayama), kriyas (cleansing), mudras (energy seals), kirtan (chants), mantra or rituals. More than a common practice or exercise, it is a ritual where we can connect with our interior through the movement of our body, for this reason, more than just physical benefits such as those mentioned above, we will also obtain psychological benefits.

Yoga achieves the integration of movement with the breath until these cease to be two separate entities and become one. Its practice becomes an extremely powerful agent of transformation that causes profound changes in our health. In fact, its use is seen as a preventive or rehabilitative medicine because it stimulates metabolic and anabolic processes and improves energy circulation, oxygenating the body. When we talk about yoga, we can not only refer to the physiological benefits (for example, increased flexibility, decreased muscle stiffness, etc.), but we also have to mention the positive consequences it produces on the mind, emotional well-being and the brain.

The current lifestyle can lead many people to stress, causing psychological health problems such as depression, anxiety, etc. A study by Thirthalli and Naveen (2013) shows that yoga treatment reduces levels of cortisol, a hormone released in response to stress.

This practice lengthens life and prevents degenerative diseases, as shown by a study carried out by American researchers at Harvard University School of Medicine and Massachusetts General Hospital who have shown, after a study, that yoga and meditation they increase the size of telomeres, structures that are located at the ends of chromosomes and that are directly related to aging, the development of certain pathologies and even premature death.

According to a study by Neha Gothe, a professor at Wayne State University in Detroit, their research, published in The Journal of Physical Activity and Health, ensures that 20 minutes of yoga a day is more beneficial on a cognitive level than a session of intense physical activity .

So go ahead and be part of this practice and improve not only your physical health, but also mental health, we hope that these information capsules will be of great help, follow us on our networks so you can read more about sports, health and marketing . See you!

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